color the east coast

living beautifully for (at least) half the price

one kings lane

This site has fantastic home decor. Some of it’s a bit out of my price range but their downstairs page of clearance items has some great stuff. Spruce up your place for spring with the items below (they’re all under 20 bucks + free shipping). You’re welcome.



friends & family @ kohl’s

Not sure if you’ve ever used before but it’s pretty great since it gives you cash back for shopping online. Considering I have no time to physically go to a store due to my four hour daily commute (thanks NJ Transit) this means I get cash back pretty much every time I shop. Anyway, this weekend they’re giving you 6 percent cash back (double the normal amount) and twenty percent off at Kohl’s since they’re doing their friends and family promotion. Happy Spring.

bauble bar

Discovered Bauble Bar a few weeks ago and got a couple pieces I really love. Sign up and get emails about their “Buried Baubles” - $10 items that are hidden through out the site. Best part is the free shipping! Click the pictures to shop the style.